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Sonic Pic

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The Fast, Easy And Pain-Free Way To Clean Your Teeth & Molars Every Day!

Gentle at-home dental cleaning system, you'll feel like you just came out of a dentist's chair every day!

Sonic Pic is not a brush, and not a water jet, but an ultrasonic cleaning system that sends 3000 vibrations per minute to help gently remove stains, plaque and tartar on contact!

Just point and press, as Sonic Pic uses 3000 sonic vibrations per minute to clean front, back and in between.

And because it cleans in all those hard to reach places where food particles and plaque hide, Sonic Pic is perfect for people with crowns, implants, veneers and dental work.

It's great for braces because it gets into places a brush can't, and that means less cavities and better check ups!

It has a bright LED light, so you can actually see it working. It's low profile tip and ergonomic design helps back teeth and molars get easily cleaned.

The built in timer tells you when your teeth are perfectly clean. And because it's battery powered, it's like taking a dentist office with you anywhere you go.

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