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Smart Ear Swab

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The New and Best Way To Clean Your Ear Comfortably and Safely!

You simply place it in your ear, twist, and remove your earwax. It's that easy!

“Wow, I have never taken out that much wax before”

Typical cotton swabs can go too far and cause pain. Smart Swab's secret is the soft, spiraled, grooved head designed to go the perfect distance into the ear. Then, with a simple twist, latches on to wax and safely extracts it without injuring your ear.

Too much wax or water can impair hearing and cause infections

“It's way more comfortable than using a traditional swab”

 And with our disposable, touch-free replacement tips, discarding is simple.

You can use the same replacement tip many times over; just rinse it after every use.

The most common cause of earwax blockage is people using cotton swabs or other objects that can push wax deeper into your ear, potentially injuring your eardrum.

Smart Swab's extraction system eliminates the worry and cleans very effectively.

“With Smart Swab, my hearing's actually gotten better”

Cotton swabs are not made to go in your ear. It says so on the box!

It's never been easier to clean your ear quickly and comfortably.

Package includes: 16 Disposable Soft Tips

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