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Magic Tap

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The Spill-Proof, Automatic Drink Dispenser That Fills Every Glass Like Magic!


Fits right over your containers, jugs and bottles, just insert it into your drink container, press, and Magic Tap does the rest


Water, milk, juice, cold drinks, even hot drinks, it’s powerful motor draws you drink up the super straw and out the spout without spilling a drop!


Now the kids can get their own morning Juice and pour milk in their cereal, all without a single spill


One-handed operation allows you to fill a narrow sports or a baby bottle without missing any spills


Battery powered, so you can take it anywhere, mix up a batch of cold lemonade to share while you play or enjoy cool drinks by the pool on a hot summer's day


Single serve boxes and bottles are expensive and leave so much waste. But using Magic Tap means you can buy beverages in bulk and serve up exactly the right amount for everyone, saving you money


Buy 2 and Get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - Limited Time Special Offer!


Great Gift for Friends & Family


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