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3D Ankle Compression Pad Support

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Helps Relieve & Prevent Pain From Ankles Fatigue, Aching Feet, Swollen Ankles, Plantar Fasciitis, Sprains Or Any Ankle Pain By Promoting Blood Circulation!

Ankle sprains often occurs when the ankle "turns in", twist or rolls more than it should, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position. Our ligaments connect the bones of the ankle together and when they are stretched or torn, a "sprained" ankle is the result. This can stretch or tear the ligaments that hold your ankle bones and joints together.

With this unique 3D design ankle compression pad, you can protect your ankle from injury. All you need to do is put on the compression pad on your feet and tie the wraps to your ankles. It's lightweight and so comfortable, you'll probably forget you're wearing it at all.

Compression is proven to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention, our ankle sleeve relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from all kinds of ankle harm

Designed to protect the ankle, promote faster recovery, and improve muscular endurance.

It is created with 3D weaving technology, high elastic soft fabric (68% nylon/ 32% spandex) and can be adjusted to fit your ankle size with 360 degrees protection

It's lightweight design, elasticated stretch and adjustable wraps provide amazing compression support and stability for your ankles and feet to prevent stress injury. You can now enjoy wearing them without loss of performance or discomfort for continuous hours of usage.


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